Solfege A  Week 41 ( 7 okt. )


  • Standard of the week  (Satin doll). 

Sing melodybassline and guidetoneline and try to write it down. Transpose  to different tonalities. Sheetmusic is here. The chordsymbols in the sheetmusic are the changes from the playalong. Check different versions

A harmonisation of Satin Doll played by Dough Mckenzie from his great website Bushgrafts

Listen to  Gerry Mulligan's version of Satin Doll and check the great solo of Art Farmer. Try to sing the licks of Wes Montgomery and write them down. Singing Wes Montgomery licks on Satin Doll in Class.

Check the line exercises of Satin Doll. 

  • The beautiful guidetone line of Gerry Mulligan when Chet baker plays the melody of 'My funny valentine'. Sing it and write it down!

Harmony and theory

page 28 - 33,  Chord construction-seventh chords, Inversion of chords (Harmony 1 Workbook)

Homework: page 32 - 41  (Study Supplement Harmony 1 & 2)