Harmony 1 workbook, Part 2, Diatonic harmony


Solfege A  Week 43 ( 21 okt. ) 


* Standard of the week (Misty). 

Sing melody, bassline and guidetoneline and try to write it down. Transpose  to different tonalities. Check different versions. Sheetmusic is here. The chordsymbols in the sheetmusic are the changes from the playalong. A harmonisation of Misty played by Dough Mckenzie from his great website Bushgrafts

* A great article about the use of chromaticism in improvisation!

Harmony Week 43 

Topicpage 44 - 47,  Scale Tendencies (Harmony 1 Workbook

Homework: page 54/55   (Study Supplement Harmony 1 & 2)

Review chromatic approachnotes  and Bebop scales.

 Recap  Part 1 'Fundamentals' 

Ornamental or non-harmonic tones in classical music

Class ex. : Figured harmony exercises