Solfege A   Week 49 ( 2 dec. )


  • Standard of the week (All the things you are). 

Sing melody, bassline and guidetoneline and try to write it down. Transpose  to different tonalities. Check different versions. Sheetmusic is here. The chordsymbols in the sheetmusic are the changes from the playalong. A harmonisation of All the things you are played by Dough Mckenzie from his great website Bushgrafts

  • Another great idea on limitting the material you are working on in a standard by using a span of a 5th.
  • Working with short patterns on Green Dolphin street, again by the great Jerry Bergonzi.

Theory A Week 49 

Topic:  page 6 - 11,  Harmonic Rhythm (Harmony 2 Workbook) 

Recap material until now.