Solfege A  Week 24 ( 8 June ) 

Theory A  Week 24

Recap Semester 2 


Deadline Homework is 29 June!  

Summary Homework semester 2:

  • Berklee Study supplement 1/2,  pages 61-97 (when pages are missing, no studypoints!)

  • 'Everything happens to me' - five part piano harmonisation

  • Silent night reharmonization (I,IV,V - Seventh chords - Diatonic subs - Sec. dominants - Sec. dom. with tensions), both played audio and score

  • Blue Bossa, rewritten melody, embellished guidetone line and chordsymbols

    , both played audio and score

  • I could write a book (complete arrangement, don't forget pianovoicings, bassline, drumkicks), both played audio and score

  • Homework handed in complete (assignments only in Sibelius or PDF)