A great number of files about subjects and issues related to Jazzimprovisation.



Harmonic anticipation

* 10 ways of making a line your own

* 4 ways to use the melodic minor scale 

* 5 tunes to know and why you should know them

* 7 harmonic breakthroughs that completely changed my playing

* A framework for practicing tunes

* Chromatic II-V's

* Chromaticism

* Dealing with non standard progressions

* How to hear chord changes





* 10 killer tips for transcribing Jazz solos that I wish I'd known all along

* How transcribing one solo can entirely change your approach to improvising

* How to create your own Jazz exercises from a transcribed line

* 10 brilliant Jazz solos and what you can learn from them

* Why transcribing a whole solo has gotten you nowhere

* Why this simple Jazz transcription hack will changen your playing




The importance of language

The difference between jazz licks and language

The reason you need to start thinking about jazz language right now… 

*  Why this two-step approach to jazz language will take your improvising from good to great

* 10 ways to make a line your own


Standards and tunes



Building your repertoire part ii: 10 key tunes

How to memorize even the most difficult tunes right now

Why these 8 jazz standards should be your new practice etudes

Stuck on rhythm changes? here are 4 coltrane concepts that’ll set you free

How to play the blues like a pro: a lesson with Wynton kelly



Chords  and music theory


*How to not suck at half-diminished chords

A lesson with bill evans: 14 techniques to master the minor ii v progression

10 easy options for expanding your dominant 7th vocabulary

Navigating altered dominants: strategies for the V&#9 chordavigating altered dominants: strategies for the V&#9 chord

6 common chord relationships that you need to know now

How to learn chord changes straight off a recording: a handbook 



Scales  and music theory


Scales are not the secret short-cut to jazz improvisation

How to practice scales for speed

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the bebop scale…but were afraid to ask

The secret to unlocking the lydian sound: from boring modes to killing solos

* 10 diminished patterns that will transform your next Jazz solo...



Practicing  Jazz


* Keep Focus: time blocking & spaced learning

* What should i practice? the 3 essential pieces to practicing jazz improvisation: a free presentation