Solfege Week 38  ( 16 sept. )

I'm in the mood for loveHomework: 

  • This week we focus on a song that is a vocalese of a James Moody tune 'Moody's mood for love' by the great George Benson. During the year we will sing a lot of scatsolo's. When singing these solos it's important to copy exactly the feel, rhythm and timing of the artist. After being able to sing the whole solo by heart, try to write it down phrase by phrase. Parts of certain solos in a certain tonality will be part of the exam. The separate phrases of George's scat and the chords of the tune are in this folder.

Other exercises you can do: sing the bassnotes and arpeggios, analyse chords by ear (II-V's), listen to the tensions used in the chords, sing and write down the topline of the strings. 

'Music and Notation'


Harmony and Theory 


page 13 - 19,  Key signatures, Interval recognition (Harmony 1 Workbook)

page 16 - 23 (Study Supplement Harmony 1 & 2) / Artusi 'Fundamentals of music' (read textbook, work the problemset)

Notation of Rhythm

What is Rhythm? An introduction

How to notate rhythms.

Notation topics, tapping rhythms.

Class: Try to correct the notation of these rhythms.


Transposing instruments

Ranges and transposition of instruments 

Why are there transposing instruments



What is an interval, how to name and build intervals

How to listen to, recognize and write intervals

More tips about singing intervals

Simplifying difficult intervals



Looking at scores in different formats and styles

Playlist and scores: 


Symfonic orchestra:

String quartet:

Leadsheet: 'Darn that dream'

Piano vocal score: Randy Newman - 'Sail away'


Full scores